Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Series of Importunate Events III

Another importunate event in the series prevents me from following thru with the story from last week that I mentioned in the last post but I didn’t want to just not post since this is Friday night and tomorrow night I will be staying with Grandma and without Internet. I will have to try to have that story prepared for Sunday night. It is longish and convoluted but it is ROTFL--if I tell it right, and that takes time and care. It involves ketchup and white slacks. Need I say more. Maybe I don’t need to tell the long version now just picture that and ROTFL. If the incident had been captured on video I’d have a sure fire winner for AFV. So the longer version is probably worth the wait. Stay tuned.

Today I woke with a migraine about three hours after going to sleep and was repeatedly awoken throughout the afternoon by the work continuing on the laundry room and bathroom floors. The toilet was removed again today for over three hours. You never really appreciate the finer things in life until they are gone. : )

The task today was laying the linoleum in both rooms. It wasn’t as noisy--thank heavens above--as they were done with the power tools. But there was still a lot of thumping and bumping and tapping and knocking and scraping and cussing and grumbling and….. Well, that about covers it. One of the thumps followed by cussing, I learned later, was my husband’s head hitting the cabinet above the washer--which wasn’t there, which is why he was under it tucking the edge of the linoleum under the wall with a spackle spatula. When he came to the end of the wall he stood his six-foot-six-inch self up and…Ouch! But that isn’t what he said.

The good news is that that project is all but finished. Just some touch up to do with the molding. All the appliances are back in place and operational. Which means that next week I’ve got some catching up to do with my laundry. The bad news is--well it isn’t really bad it is just hard to contemplate right now while the recent events are so fresh--they are going to be doing a similar project in the kitchen next month. They will be repairing the leak in the roof and around one window and then replacing the floorboards damaged by years of winter rain and summer thunderstorms. And then of course new linoleum. And around the same time, new carpet for the living room and hallway. The day before the carpet layers are to arrive my husband and his brother are going to move all the living room furniture into the kitchen and pull up the old carpet. I don’t know what that is going to mean for my Internet session that night. I’m chiding myself for fretting about it now. Don’t even know yet which week let alone which day of the week so can’t even begin to predict what projects of mine might be impacted a month from now. At least I have the laptop so will have all my files with me in the bedroom that night--and plenty of books and DVDs. So I will cope of course.

I also learned tonight that there is an extra day of racing next Monday night and they would like me to spend that night with Grandma too. My husband has to work so he doesn’t get to go but his folks want to go. Monday is the day the Phoenix library is supposed to be opening in its new temporary digs after its three week hiatus. I can’t believe that is nearly over already. If I get to go on Monday tho it would probably be only a quick duck in and out to pick up the items waiting for me on the way over to Grandma’s. There won’t be time to browse or visit. That bums me a bit. But then, on days when I’ve had one of these headaches I tend to bum way too easy. My writing exercise when I finally deigned to sit up and open my laptop, was nothing but a list of words that rhymed with ‘pain’.

This was the forth or fifth day I woke up with a headache this week but this was the worst of them. I suspect it has something to do with the construction. On some days it was more like a sinus headache. On some days I felt like I was coming down with a cold with burning eyes and sore throat and sniffles. I blame the dust and probable mold spores kicked up by the work along with the chemical fumes--the combination of which set off the smoke alarm several time so no telling what it was doing to my respiratory system and brain. I actually felt like I could be like ‘under the influence’ several times. You know, kinda spacey with blurred vision and difficulty using language and balance issues.

Well, if I don’t get this posted soon, I’m not going to get to chase down my fav blogs to store them up for reading over the weekend at Grandma’s. Though I suppose that wouldn’t be a tragedy. I have plenty else to be doing. Including about ten hours of DVDs that were due today--Friday--and which I am hanging onto over the weekend. No fine if they are in the drop box before the library opens on Monday. I intend to drop everything off on the way home from Grandma’s like I did last Sunday. Last Saturday night I watched nine hours worth in less than seven hours by using the time-stretch option and speeding them up. I was so engrossed in movies last Saturday night I forgot to watch the time and before I knew it the sun was coming up and I didn’t dare lay down for a nap for fear of not hearing Grandma get up. So I stayed up anticipating the ability to get home and lay down by ten or so. But my father-in-law wanted to hang out at home to do yard work and watch the construction project so they didn’t pick me up until after three. I came home and crashed. Told my husband I did not want to be called for dinner, that my work session that night trumped the duty to come to the table. Besides with all the chaos at the house those three days, I’m sure his Mom did not need to have to prepare a meal for us too. My husband took the cue from me and removed his name from the pot when he passed the word to his Mom that I was down for the count.

And here I thought I wasn’t up to writing a long post tonight.

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