Saturday, September 03, 2005

In One Neuron and Out the Other

Don't really have anything of substance to say this morning. But I couldn't let another session go without posting again. That is no way to generate loyal returnees. But niether is blather like this.. Last night's time was taken by the Blogcritics post.. Which was essentially a cross post from here. Can't find time for generating new content. (Well there is plenty generated in my head durring the sixteen hours I am deprived of the computer. But you know what happens to one neuron and out the other.) Can't find time to sleep either. Two hours yesterday and am setting myself up for less than four again today. There were special races at the track Friday so I sat with my husband's grandma so everybody could go. Am committed to doing it again today. Wasn't interested in going myself. But it might actually have been preferable to spending four hours involuntarily watching Faux news. Grandma had surfed onto it and been captivated by the scenes of the refugees. Then she forgot that she had the remote and for hours she thought I was the one choosing to stay there while I thought she was. After that, I felt like I wanted to take a bath and I don't know how much of that was from watching all those people walking in that dirty water or listening to O'Really put words into the mouths of his field 'journalists' and 'experts'. Not to mention watching the photo ops for his lowness on his royal fly by lie and cry, hug and shrug mission. . I'm so bummed. Can you tell? Sorry this is not very professional. Am so distraught over Katrina's aftermath am having trouble thinking about anything else. And later this month my Dad is going into surgery and I will probably be leaving town and all of this behind to be with my family until he is out of the hospital again. Which any writer would understand amounts to jumping off a sinking boat without a life preserver.

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