Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Support Returning Troops

Smoothing their transition back into their communities should be a given. They should never have to wait for months for health care whether mental or physical. They should never end up homeless. They should never end up jobless either. This belongs in the cost calculation of any war along with munitions, fuel, transportation of troops etc. To cut the troops loose after discharge and accept no continuing responsibility for adjusting to the impact their combat experience had on them, for acclimating them back into their community in every way, is the height of disrespect for the service they performed. Whether you support the war or not, the troops need to be supported in every way during and after their service. It is after all the most healthy thing for the community as well for homeless, jobless, stressed out or otherwise disabled vets not only cannot contribute to the overall commonweal, they often contribute to its degeneration with higher suicide and domestic violence rates, vagrancy and drinking related crimes

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